February 6, 2021

How much does a new website cost in 2021?

One of the many things this past year has told us is that businesses need to have a website to be able to reach their audience in 2021. But how much does a website cost? The answer is that the cost of website depends very much on how complex it is and who you get to actually build the website. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of websites and their costs.

Low Cost Websites – Under £100

Okay so there may not be such a thing as a totally free website as there is always the cost of your web hosting or domain name to consider but it is possible to keep the costs down under £100. If your budget is super tight, your best option is to build the website yourself. That doesn’t mean you need to learn to code however with many website builders available as well as free themes. Your best bet would be a platform such as Wix where they offer a super low monthly cost with free hosting and a free domain name as well as access to their free ‘themes’. Themes change the look and feel of the website so you can choose different layouts for your pages, tweak the colours and fonts and select a style that matches your brand as closely as possible. Wix is perfect for new businesses without much of a budget that want something quick and easy online that they can do themselves over the course of a weekend.

Beginner Websites – Up to £500

The next level of website might be a more expensive package on Wix with access to premium themes or the option to use a more premium platform such as SquareSpace or Shopify. Alternatively, you might look at setting up your own hosting and domain and installing WordPress. This might sound difficult for a beginner but there are lots of tutorials around that can help you and the famous WordPress 15 minute install will get you going in no time. Once WordPress is installed you will need a theme. There is the option of free themes as well as more premium ones with more advanced features and styling. Premium themes can generally be purchased for around £50 and come with page builders where you can build your page within WordPress although they can take some getting used to so aren’t as easy to use as tools such as Wix.

Professional Bespoke Websites – From £2,500

If you are looking for a completely bespoke website, you will likely need to hire a professional. Professional web designers can be found for less than £2,500 but agencies offering lower cost websites will generally be using one of the options above to cut costs and won’t be building your website from scratch so it’s something to bear in mind. For a truly bespoke website that has been designed and built especially for you then this is around the cost they generally start at in the North East. Other locations will likely be higher. The benefits of bespoke websites compared with the solutions above is that every part of your website can be custom designed to your own specification giving you full control on the look and feel. This will ensure it matches your business goals and user needs perfectly. You will also benefit from the fact you are working with a professional so they can offer you expert advice every step of the way.

Ecommerce Websites – From £4,500

To sell online your website will need to be able to take payments and have some sort of product management tool installed within the CMS. An ecommerce website is what you will need and these again come in a variety of formats. Shopify is a great option if you want something up and running quickly and are happy to choose a theme to style it. For an ecommerce website built bespoke for you, prices generally start at around £4,500 and these sites usually have integrations with WooCommerce or similar to provide the Ecommerce functionality. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that gives you everything you need to start selling online. It comes unstyled out of the box so this is generally where the cost comes in.

High Spec Websites – From £10,000

Finally, if you want a website with your own CMS and very custom features that aren’t available as part of a theme or plugin, you will require a professional to develop your website completely from scratch. This is even more involved than the previous two options because although the front-end of the website might be bespoke, the backend (or CMS) will likely be using WordPress or similar so that cuts some costs from the build. A higher specification website might use it’s very own CMS built from the ground up which is additional work for the web developer and this will in turn mean higher costs. This is generally only for customers where they can’t find the solutions from the above options or there is a particular reason that they want a custom build.

As you can see there are many different ways that the cost of website can vary and very much depends on the client, their needs and their budget ultimately. We are specialists in bespoke websites but can also offer help and support in choosing the right option for you.

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