August 9, 2020

Property Hive Themes – Why you should use a bespoke theme developer

Property Hive Themes

Property Hive is a fantastic WordPress plugin designed to make life easier when managing property. It’s a free plugin and can be installed on any WordPress website quickly and easily, enabling a host of features especially for the property sector. Property Hive has it’s own theme called Honeycomb which can be installed and then configured using your own colours, fonts and imagery all within WordPress. This is great if you want to get a property site up and running quickly but can be limiting if you want a more custom look and feel. This is when a bespoke Property Hive theme is needed.

There are a few off the shelf Property Hive themes including Honeycomb as mentioned above and all do a good job of enabling you to quickly setup your website to display property. What none of them will do however is provide you with a bespoke look and feel to match your brand perfectly. A bespoke theme is designed from scratch from your own specification to ensure the properties are displayed in the way that your brand is best represented online. A bespoke Property Hive design means you can list the properties in a certain way, display the information that is relevant to your business and use your own brand elements in a more customised way.

A bespoke Property Hive theme will also mean you can add in custom features that perhaps aren’t part of the default Property Hive templates. You can add in additional fields. change how these are displayed, remove elements that aren’t needed and have a much greater control over the whole site compared with if you were using an off-the-shelf theme.

DEBUT are a specialist Property Hive theme developer with over 15 years experience working with property clients including Brownill Vickers and Jack Harrison Estates. We pride ourselves on the bespoke design element to ensure each of your Property Hive websites look and feel exactly how our clients want and really showcase their brand. We go above and beyond, working on the smaller details just as much as the big elements of the website. We love to include subtle animations and transitions to bring movement to the website as well as customised icons and bespoke layouts for the property pages.

For more information or to talk to us about creating a bespoke Property Hive theme, get in touch by emailing us at or by calling 07882 791689

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