An amazing cocktail bar
in the heart of Palma



Palma, Mallorca

What we did

Run by Rafa Martín, Brassclub is a classic cocktail bar inspired by the elegance of New York clubs, but with a unique and personal character in Palma’s central Passeig Mallorca.

We worked in collaboration with We Are Yellow to design and build a brand new interactive website that beautifully presented their range of food and drinks in a unique venue.

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Easy navigation

The goal for the project was to create a highly visual, inspiring website with a premium feel. We designed a clear navigation to make it really easy to access the various menus for drinks, cocktails and food. There is a language toggle so users can quickly switch to their spoken language. We also added a music player which plays instrumental piano music throughout the website to give a real sense of what it’s like to step into the bar.

Optimised for mobile

The website is fully responsive as standard but we knew that a lot of users would be viewing the menus and information on their mobile phones. With this in mind, we made sure that the food and drinks menus were ‘on page’ rather than as downloadable PDFs. This gave us full control over how they would appear so we could optimise the experience for customers that are looking on their mobile phone.

A premium look

To achieve the premium feel for the site, the colours were chosen carefully. We explored various colour options and settled on the deep purple background with the gold brand colour for the highlights. This felt very opulent whilst in-keeping with the brand guidelines. We mixed an expanded font with a condensed one to add an interesting design element to the website and used subtle animations throughout to make the most of the large text. We also added smooth scrolling so it feels different when navigating on desktop.