Queen Street Fitness

Helping a North East gym with their very first website



South Shields, UK

What we did

We worked with the team at Queen Street Fitness on a brand new website for their South Shields based North East gym. First opened in the 90s, the business was functioning from word of mouth and social media so the need was there for a website to further expand their offering to the local community.

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When the team at Queen Street Fitness first approached us, they only had a logo as part of their brand. We decided we needed to develop the logo into a full brand. We introduced complimentary typefaces, standardised colours and guided the team on imagery so that no matter where they used the brand, it was consistent across all digital channels.

Easy to use

With their customers being a mix of young and old, the website had to be easy no matter who picked it up. We used a combination of large typography, clear calls to action and simple navigation to ensure new and returning customers could find classes, pricing and more as easily as possible.

Strong imagery

As the client didn’t have a lot of their own imagery, we used a mixture of their photography and professional shot stock images to ensure there was a nice balance throughout the website. We went for the stock imagery on the main headers to ensure a professional feel and then introduced the lower quality images when talking about the services and offering.

Mobile first

The website was designed and built mobile first as the majority of customers will be using the site on the go. We ensured the website performed fast on 3G/4G connections with lower resolution imagery served to these devices as well as a simplified menu. Of course the website performs beautifully on tablet and desktop too!

Fantastic work by the team creating our website. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our customers and DEBUT were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend their services.

Photo of Corrina Hills

Corrina Hills
Owner, Queen St. Fitness